26 Terrestrial Globe/ Republic of Texas/ Michigan. LORING, 214


Description: An American Globe of Rare Beauty
Terrestrial Table Globe/ Republic of Texas/ Michigan.
[Boston, 1838]
Loring’s Terestrial Globe containing all The Late Discoveries . .

12 inches diameter; 18 inches high, Fine, original, four-legged, cherry wood stand; very attractive, rich patina; vibrant original color; one, well-repaired thin crack in the North Pacific and Canada with some losses in Canada, two restored rubbed areas in Atlantic east of northern South America; place names very crisp & clear; in overall appearance, among the most attractive globes we've seen.

An early American globe, with an unusually warm, rich patina and exceptional clarity, on a finely crafted stand. It is notable for showing Texas as a republic (1836 to 1845), which is set off here with pink hand color. Also, the globe was issued the year Michigan became a state, and while the place name, MICHIGAN, appears on it, it's impossible to tell if it refers to it as a state or territory. The globe delineates the voyage tracks of Captain Cook (all three voyages), La Perouse and Vancouver.

A publisher and bookseller in Boston, Josiah Loring (1775-c. 1840) began producing globes in 1832, still within the period of infancy of American globe production. Loring’s globes won numerous prizes and are noted for their fine workmanship both in the beauty of their stands and the quality of the engraving on the globes. Loring stood between Wilson and Joslin as the great American globe producer of his era.
Technique: $15,000.00
  • Number: 2140001
  • Dealer: Speculum Orbis Nauticum