15 CORONELLI, V.M. Quantung, e Fokien, Provincie della China...1


Description: Publisher: CORONELLI, V.M.
Title: Quantung, e Fokien, Provincie della China...
Published in: Venice, 1691

Size: 17.8 x 23.8 inches.
45.2 x 60.5 cm.

Condition: Short lower margin. A strong impression printed on thick paper. Italian description on verso.
Condition Rating

A beautifully engraved decorative map of Southern China extending from Hainan in the West to Formosa in the East and centered on the Pearl River Delta with Macao and the islands around present-day Hong Kong.
The flamboyant decoration includes ceremonial Chinese barges and a large decorative gargoyle-like title cartouche lower right.
To the right a large Taiwan with many place names. Italian text on the reverse, including a description of Taiwan.

versoThe verso has interesting text about Formosa, Penghu Islands (Pescatore Islands), Quelpart (Korea), Macao, etc.

The remarkable Vincenzo Coronelli (1650-1718), encyclopaedist, geographer, inventor and Doctor of Theology, was citizen of the Republic of Venice. He was also one of the most prominent mapmakers and publishers in Europe of his day.
  • Number: 1630032 (39421)
  • Dealer: Paulus Swaen Indian Rocks USA

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