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THE VIRTUAL ANTIQUE & RARE ART on PAPER – MAP - GLOBE & BOOK FAIR focuses exclusively on the collector of rare books, globes & instruments, atlases & maps and prints, drawings and watercolours on paper. ! Facsimile's and reproductions are not offered in the Fair !

Started in October 2008 as an antique map fair, the Virtual Fair has been enlarged with sections ‘ART on PAPER’, 'GLOBES & INSTRUMENTS' and ‘RARE BOOKS’, widening the scope of the Virtual Fair considerable, attracting an increasingly growing number of collectors with varied interests.

The homepage of the Virtual Fair is the place to be for attracting the attention of the collector of antique and rare books, prints, maps and globes on the internet. The number of visits to the Virtual Fair will shortly reaches the 2,000,000 mark

Participating dealers can place a banner on the homepage of the Virtual Fair with a direct link to the homepage of his own website, giving the collector the chance to contact directly the dealer or search his stock. The collector, browsing the offerings in the Virtual Fair and finding an item of interest to him, can directly make a private contact with the dealer via a contact button in the description page of each item. Placing a banner on the homepage of the Virtual Fair also includes for the participating dealer the right to take part in the activity 'INTERACTIVE / AUCTION' in which visitors are invited to make a bid on a selected number of items in a confined period of time and the activity 'SALES'in which dealers can offer material for reduced prices.. Dealers can exhibited up to 600 items with a maximum of 5 images of 2 mb per item. Items can be replaced by new ones, changing the offerings in the Virtual Fair constantly. Also the items can be de-activated and activated again at any moment. -

Prices for a banner of ca. 120 x 100 pixels are: Euro 200.- for 1 edition of the fair (2 month), Euro 300.- for 3 editions of the fair (6 month). and Euro 500.- for 6 editions of the fair (1 year), !! NO PERCENTAGE ON SALES CHARGED !!

Uploading is fast and easy. It can be done as an individual item (like a page of a data base), or as a collection of items in an excell spread sheet. Further technical details and help are supplied.

It is also possible to have only a banner without participation for a period of a year. Costs are Euro 250.-

Auction Houses and Book, Print & Map Fairs can place a banner for the period of 14 days in advance of the date the Auction or Fair takes place. The fee is Euro 150.-

Please contact me, my e-mail address is for further questions.

I hope to welcome you in the Virtual Fair.

Robert Putman

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